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Giving Back

After each event, Consignors may donate unsold items and many do! Since 2014, Consignors have donated thousands of items valued over $20,000 to our local charity partner. Families Helping Families.

Charity Partner Highlights

The Texas Pythian Home provides a safe, stable environment for children to grow physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually to become responsible, independent adults.

The Home is located on 164 acres of farmland on the east side of Weatherford.The campus includes the main building and 2 dorms, playgrounds,  a softball field, tennis and volleyball courts and a swimming pool.   Children live in the dorms, attend Weatherford ISD schools and local churches. There are 6 to 8 children in each dorm, depending on age. They also participate in extra curricular activities such as soccer, football, basketball, band, Scouts, etc. We have many outstanding athletes and academic scholars.   Our goal is to provide the children with a safe, stable environment, educational opportunities and positive life experiences.



Heather Bruton

P: 817-613-4991

I get it. Raising kids is expensive and we all have a budget! That's why JBF Weatherford is here - to be your partner in family savings!

We have 3 boys - and they grow fast! Thanks to JBF, we're able to get what they need for each season with out breaking the bank! And, since the prices are so low, they get a few "wants" too!